Current Creations

The Peacekeeper

Buffalo Trace Bourbon, Maple Syrup, El Maestro Sierra Sherry, House Made Coffee Pecan Bitters  $12

We named this drink after Saint Paul’s Chief of Police in the early 1900’s - John O’Connor. Also known as “the Smiling Peacekeeper” to local police officials, O’Connor made an agreement with known criminals which created a safe-haven for them in the city of Saint Paul on three conditions: they had to check in with local law enforcement, pay bribes to city officials, and not commit any major crimes while in the city. O’Connor’s agreement would make Saint Paul a layover spot for John Dillinger, Al Capone, and Clyde Barrow and Bonnie Parker, among others. O’Connor retired the same year Prohibition went into effect, but his agreement made Saint Paul a hotspot for many a notorious bootlegger throughout Prohibition. 


Evelyn’s Elixir

Christian Brothers Brandy, Barrow’s Intense Ginger, Honey Syrup, Fresh Lemon, Dash re Old Fashioned Bitters  $11

This warm and comforting cocktail is our take on the hot toddy. Mary Evelyn “Billie” Frechette spent six months on John Dillinger’s arm, as his girlfriend, traveling companion, and even his getaway driver one night after Dillinger had been shot by police. Frechette – an Indigenous and French woman who was born on the Menominee Indian Reservation – was arrested in Saint Paul in 1934 and served two years in prison for “harboring a criminal” after she allowed Dillinger to hide out in her Saint Paul apartment. Who wouldn’t want an elixir after all of that? 


Stormy Weather

Dewars Scotch, Art in the Age Root Liqueur, Averna Amaro, Dolin Rouge, North Shore Sirène Absinthe Rinse  $12

In 1943 20th Century Fox released the musical lm Stormy Weather. The lm featured an African-American cast that included Lena Horne, Bill “Bojangles” Robinson, and Cab Calloway. The lm also showcased the “ ash dancing” Nicholas Brothers, Fayard and Harold. The dance sequence they performed to Cab Calloway’s Jumpin’ Jive is still considered to be one of the most skillfully crafted and perfectly executed dance routines of all time. Fred Astaire reportedly told the brothers that it was the greatest movie musical number he had ever seen. This scotch based cocktail is so artfully crafted, we decided to pay homage to The Nicholas Brothers by naming it
after the lm that showcases their iconic performance. 


Dr. Moran’s Cure-All

Twin Spirits Vodka, DuNord Apple Spirit, St. Elder Elder Flower Liqueur, House Sour, Green Chartreuse, Rose Water  $13

Dr. Joseph P. Moran was a Depression/Prohibition Era physician. Not only did he treat many of the gangsters of the era, he was also a peripheral member of the Karpis-Barker gang. He was most likely the last person to attempt to treat a mortally-wounded John Dillinger, and he so successfully removed Alvin Karpis’ fingerprints that the gangster reportedly eventually had a difficult time obtaining a passport. An apple a day keeps the doctor away, the elder flower plant has been used for medicinal purposes to treat the common cold, the u, and sore throats, and Chartreuse was used as a medicine before the monks who distilled it realized people simply enjoyed drinking it. We thought it appropriate, then, to name this drink after the doctor who treated many of Saint Paul’s most famous gangsters. 


Dread Pirate Roberts

Mount Gay Rum, Blood Orange Sour, Art in the Age Snap Liqueur, Dash re Old Fashioned Bitters  $11

Sure, the era of Prohibition in the United States led to many notorious gangsters making a substantial amount of money as bootleggers. Long before then, however, pirates could be found sailing the high seas, and running rum around the globe. One could say that the Golden Age of Piracy (the late 1600’s through the early 1700’s) gave us the Original Bootleggers.


The Heist

Tierras Reposado Tequila, Frangelico, All-Spice Dram, House Made Sour  $12

The origins of each spirit are fascinating and the history of tequila is no exception. The Aztec people in Mexico were making a fermented beverage from the agave plant long before the Spanish conquistadors arrived in the early 1500’s, and when said conquistadors ran out of the brandy they’d brought with them, they took a cue from the Aztecs and began distilling agave. Tequila is one of the rst spirits indigenous to North America, and the state of Jalisco, Mexico it’s place of origin. 


Save Me the Waltz

Gamle Ode Dill Aquavit, Lillet Blanc, Yellow Chartreuse, Black Pepper Tincture  $13

This cocktail is named for the only novel Zelda Fitzgerald saw published in her life. Although her writings and her high-spirited personality are widely regarded as F. Scott’s primary inspirations for his writing, Zelda was also an author in her own right. This drink is at once bright, inspired, and surprising - tting, then, to name it after Zelda’s inspired novel, which she wrote in a six-week creative fury in 1932.