When you step into the Commodore, you'll see the most glamorous era of Saint Paul's history come alive. It'll be present in every art deco detail and elaborately reconstructed architectural and design element. You'll taste it in every sip and bite. Here's what you won't see: The nearly incalculable effort behind this dramatic restoration. The talented contractors who poured their hearts and souls into the work are our heroes, for they've been able to turn a discarded piece of history into a vibrant, breathtaking space that reflects its heritage while functioning for modern tastes. This is no small task. "Painstaking" and "meticulous" don't cover it. We are forever grateful for their work.


With grateful appreciation for the bank that believed in this project: Rich Lerew, First Bank of Baldwin

Don Jones – Capital Carpentry, LLC

Geno Gardner – Gardener Plumbing, LLC

Lester Lewis – L & J Electrical, LLC

Michael Jones – L & J Electrical, LLC

Loren Lang – L W L Builders, LLC

Todd Lofgren – Lofgren Painting & Tiling, LLC – painting

Peggy Rupp – Arredimento, LLC – lighting, furniture

Abbott – carpet

J & A Glass & Mirror Inc.

Westco Security and AV Systems

Brian Bann – Bann Drywall, LLC

Cliff Carey – Cliff Carey, LLC

E. C. Papeo – E. C. Papeo, LLC - tile, carpentry, flooring

Ken Waldo – Northern Hardscapes, LLC – carpentry

Kelly Smith – – design

Ellen Hunter-Gans – WordCouture – writing

Sharon Lund – Falls Agency – PR

Doug Hovelson – Falls Agency - PR