2016 Bootlegger Award Winners

Du Nord  |  Fitzgerald Gin

Minneapolis, Minnesota


Fitzgerald Gin, Formula No. 1, is a hybrid between a classic London dry style gin and an old world gin. Fitzgerald leads with a strong juniper flavor backed by citrus, angelica root, and licorice root. The result is a gin that stands on its own, but is equally tasty in a cocktail or mixed drink.

Fitzgerald Gin, Formula No. 1, is actually the 27th gin formula developed by Du Nord. The initial plan was to make 3 formulas and see which one was voted the best. Before the other formulas could be released, Fitzgerald no. 1 racked up a gold medal, a bootlegger's award and a loyal following--all of which convinced Du Nord to keep formula no. 1 indefinitely. 

Fitzgerald is a macerated gin, a process that requires long steeping of botanicals. The long steep and the subsequent botanicals-in distillation creates a gin that tastes more like juniper and less like pine. A by product of the deep juniper flavor is the Fitzgerald louche or cloudiness. A gin "louches" when the ratio of botanical oils is high; these oils can come out of solution when the alcohol is diluted. The flavor of the gin is stored in these oils, so the resultant cloudiness is proof that the gin is packed with flavor.  Fitzgerald is best served over ice or in a martini, but it will add bold flavor to any gin based drink.

Fitzgerald Formula No. 1 won a gold medal at the Denver International Spirits Competition.


commodore recipe:


  • Du Nord Fitzgerald Gin
  • House Made Sour
  • Angostura Bitters
  • Lemon Twist