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Vikre  |  Voyageur Aquavit

Duluth, Minnesota


Aquavit is the original Scandinavian distilled spirit. It’s infused with caraway and cardamom, fundamental spices in Scandinavian cuisine. An early Norwegian version was aged in oak barrels on ocean voyages to Australia. According to Norwegian lore, it was something magic about the two trips across the equator that made it so delicious.  Our aged aquavit doesn't get to travel the high seas (thanks government regulators), but it does get to mature for a year in used cognac barrels, an homage to the French explorers who founded Duluth. 

"Voyageur" is a Northwoods take on a Nordic tradition. Voyageur Aquavit is delicately spiced with caraway, cardamom, and orange peel, and cognac cask finished.


commodore recipe:

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